We invite you to join the Scroll team at ETHDenver 2023! Attend one of our talks or events to learn more about our platform or hack with us to win one of our bounties. It's sure to be an amazing experience and we look forward to seeing you there!

**[Join Scroll Hacker TG](<https://t.me/scroll_ethdenver2023>)**

[**Prizes on buidlbox**](<https://app.buidlbox.io/guidl/scroll>)

[**Learn more**](<https://scroll.splashthat.com/>)


Bounties (View on buidlbox)

Feature: Deploy your smart contract on Scroll

Feature: Applied ZK, with a side of Scroll

Feature: Scroll ♥ Lens | Cross-chain Decentralized Social Media

Hacker Resources



We’ve had some great community hackers building games on our PreAlpha testnet. Give them a spin and maybe they will inspire you at the hackathon!

on Pre-Alpha testnet

on Alpha testnet (Goerli)

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